About me

My personal experience with the beneficial effects of acupuncture was a pivotal motivator in studying this ancient form of healing. I believe acupuncture and herbology strongly complements today’s growing movement of individuals taking responsibility for their own health and wellness.

My story

Some of my past accomplishments that have a direct influence on treatments includes a BSc in Biochemistry and a MSc in Botany/Forestry. My work in biological research has given me a solid foundation in understanding and implementing treatment protocols.

I was also trained by T.S. Kwon, one of the original masters from Korea, to obtain an International Tae Kwon Do Black Belt. I studied ballet at the time to give me a better understanding of the human body and how we move.

My versatile and practical abilities obtained from this broad range of experiences and education gives me the presence and intentional focus that results in a powerful treatment. A treatment that is focused on your current needs.

In each treatment, I bring a devoted approach that fosters trust and compassion.